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Sensory Escape at the Casale Olmia Spa Area.

Sublime relaxation under the Corsican sky

Suspended between heaven and earth, the Spa and Solarium space of the Hotel Casale Olmia beckons for a sensory journey in a place where serenity reigns supreme. Nestled on our panoramic terrace, with a view that embraces the horizon, our outdoor jacuzzi promises moments of pure relaxation under the starry sky of Balagne.

Tonic Rainbow Spa

An innovation in the world of wellness, welcomes you with its 3 spots, including 2 reclining and 1 seated, allowing you to enjoy an unprecedented thermal experience while admiring the breathtaking panorama.

With its 48 hydrotherapy jets and subtle LED interior lighting, the Tonic Rainbow SPA is not just a spa, but a true retreat where water, light, and nature merge to create a haven of peace and renewal.

Tonic Rainbow Spa Features

  • Hydrorelax
    Enjoy a gentle escape with relaxation focused on the lumbar and trapezius areas.
  • Leg Acqua Palping
    Stimulate and relax your calves and thighs with an intense massage, moving from bottom to top.
  • Deep Energy
    A wide high-flow nozzle, flanked by 4 nozzles on each side of the spine, offers a powerful and deep massage.
  • Acqua Palping
    Three powerful jets moving vertically, provide you with a unique sensation of stretching and letting go.
  • Tonic Cocoon
    Allow your calves to be gently enveloped and massaged, preparing them for a new day of exploration or a relaxed evening.

Experience a Wellness Interlude

Dive into deliciously warm water, where each bubble caresses both body and mind. Combine the benefits of hydrotherapy with the pure air of Corsica, all enhanced by a majestic view from our sun terrace, making your stay at the Hôtel Casale Olmia a symphony of delicate pleasures and unforgettable moments.

We invite you to bask under the Mediterranean sun or beneath a starlit sky, immersing yourself in the beauty and tranquility of this unique place. Relaxation, luxury, and breathtaking panoramas await you in our space dedicated to wellness and serenity.

Breathe, relax, and let Casale Olmia awaken your senses.

Supreme Relaxation at Casale Olmia

Book your stay and treat yourself to an unparalleled escape, where wellness meets the panoramic wonders of Corsica. Let the magic of our Spa Area envelop you.

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