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The History of the Casale Olmia Estate

The Casale Olmia estate mainly consists of a 19th-century mansion, entirely built from granitic stone from the old Moncale mining quarry; nestled on a promontory overlooking a citrus grove and an orchard surrounded by century-old olive trees. Fully renovated between 2019 and 2022, it now boasts 5 charming suites.

A Family's Story

That of the Orsini family from Moncale and Calenzana, who have owned this place since Jean and Marie-Dominique Orsini, along with their children Marie, Michelle, and Etienne, acquired it in 1964 from the Maraninchi family. Landowner, farmer, livestock breeder, and for a time, baker, Jean Orsini was primarily invested in viticulture. The cellars of the family home served as his workshop for almost 50 years, where he crafted and sold various wines, liqueurs, and brandies. Upon his passing, the winemaking ceased, yet agricultural activity continued with his son Etienne and grandson Jean-Sébastien, who went on to cultivate the family lands, planting several hectares of olive trees and fruit trees. Family, transmission, culture, and love for their land are the values in which Jean-Sébastien Orsini was raised. Deeply attached to this family heritage, passionate about tree farming and traditional music, he tirelessly worked to manifest a dream intertwining land, music, and sharing... This dream is named Casale Olmia.

Hotel Casale Olmia

The hotel, located near Calvi in the Balagne region, offers 5 high-end suites.

Moncale / U Mucale

It was on a rocky peak, overlooking the entire surrounding valley, a strategic defense point and an ideal observatory for monitoring their lands, that the Maraninchi family built their castle in the 6th century. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, the Vandals began raiding the coasts, forcing this noble family to retreat inland, fleeing massacres, looting, diseases, and slavery. During these tumultuous times, with no higher authority, plagued by Barbarian and Moorish invasions as well as internal clan wars, the Maraninchi declared themselves "counts" and named the place where they built their castle "u capu di e cuntee" (the county). The castle would later be razed by the Genoese. Other significant families, the Alfonsi and Dary, would later settle in other locations that would eventually form the village of Moncale. During the Corsican War of Independence, Moncale sided with Pasquale Paoli and was destroyed by the victorious French troops at Ponte-Novu in 1769. In June 1774, Moncale, having been rebuilt, still refused to submit to its oppressors and was once again pillaged and burned. "Nemo me necat" (no one defeats me) is the motto of Moncale.

Olmia (the elm)


Olmia was one of the components of Balagna, an ancient Genoese province that, around 1520, included the pievi (ecclesiastical subdivisions) of Toani, Aregnu, Santo Andrea, Pino, and Ulmia.

Old map of Corsica. Source : / National Library of France

A name that resonates in the hearts of every Calenzanais and Moncalais deeply connected to their heritage. To understand the symbolism representing justice, majesty, and prosperity, one must trace back to Roman times, who revered this sacred tree. After the Roman era, the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Etruscans occupied Balagne and the Gulf of Calvi, but they didn't leave as much of an impact as the Romans who settled for several centuries and Romanized the entire region. The Romans built a city named "Olmia", and on the site of this ancient city, the church of Sainte Restitude was constructed in the 11th century. Around 1330, the city of Olmia lent its name to the Pieve of Olmia, where several inhabited places joined together to form the villages of Calenzana and Moncale, which became the main settlement.

The pieve of Olmia was the old name for the geographical area where the Casale Olmia estate is located.

Hotel Casale Olmia
Hôtel Casale Olmia

History, Heritage & Luxury in Balagne.

Discover timeless luxury nestled within a rich family and cultural history. Book your suite and immerse yourself in the authenticity of Balagne.
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Hôtel Casale Olmia

History, Heritage & Luxury in Balagne

Discover timeless luxury nestled within a rich family and cultural history. Book your suite and immerse yourself in the authenticity of Balagne.
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