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The Villages

Discover the jewels of Balagne

Nearby Villages: Pigna and Sant'Antonino

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Balagne region, our hotel is your ideal starting point for an excursion to the surrounding gems. Discover Sant'Antonino, whose reputation speaks for itself, classified among the most picturesque villages in France. Let yourself be transported back in time as you wander through its history-laden alleyways and houses hewn from local stone. Not far from there, Pigna, a village of artists with undeniable charm, will captivate you with its lively atmosphere, musical traditions, and craft workshops. Every corner of these villages evokes a story, craftsmanship, a tradition. And for those eager to venture further, a myriad of hikes are offered, allowing you to embrace the natural and cultural beauty of Balagne in all its splendor.

The Village of Sant'Antonino

Ranked among the most picturesque villages in France

Le village de Sant'Atonino

Sant'Antonino invites you on a journey through time. Leave your vehicle at the edge of the village and follow in the footsteps of Ugo Colonna, the renowned Roman count behind this haven.

Stroll through its narrow streets, discovering the 75 houses carved directly from local stone, which blend perfectly, forming a captivating labyrinth around the granite hill.

Around a corner, you'll be charmed by the authentic bread oven and the vintage press. Continue your ascent to the village's peaks to admire the remnants of ancient fortifications. Once up there, take a deep breath and let yourself be amazed by the splendid panoramic view of Balagne!

The Village of Pigna

Nestled in the heart of Balagne

Le village de Pigna

The village of Pigna stands out with its houses adorned with blue shutters and its vibrant auditorium. A true hub of innovation, experimentation, and rehearsal, this space dedicated to singing and music perpetuates and shares a rich musical tradition.

If you have the chance to visit Pigna in July, the festival of voices, Festivoce, holds a place of honor there.

As you stroll through the village, let yourself be charmed by the artistic effervescence of the streets. Discover the shops and workshops where potters, jewelers, luthiers, engravers, and other passionate artisans work diligently, not to mention the delights of the delicatessen.

Hikes & strolls to discover the villages

Three perched villages: Corbara, Pigna, and Sant Antonino

Three perched villages: Corbara, Pigna, and Sant Antonino

Perched above the Aregno plain, Corbara the discreet, Pigna the artistic, and Sant' Antoninu the proud watch over the shore below. They can be connected by a network of ancient paths, which this circuit invites you to traverse.

13.1 km
+587 m
Pieve d'Aregno Loop - Lavatoggio - Sant'Antonino

Pieve d'Aregno Loop - Lavatoggio - Sant'Antonino

Starting from Lavatoggio - 2B - Upper Corsica

Sant' Antonino is located in the heart of Balagne, perched at an altitude of 500 meters on a granite peak near L'Île-Rousse and Calvi, between the sea and the mountains. The village overlooks the plain of Aregno on one side and part of the Reginu plain on the other. Like an eagle's nest, it consists of approximately 75 houses, tightly clustered together, winding around a granite peak, forming a labyrinthine layout to better resist any potential invader.

10.16 km
±472 m
Walk in the undergrowth in Avapessa

Walk in the undergrowth in Avapessa

Departure in Avapessa - 2B - Upper Corsica

This short and easy loop starting from the village of Avapessa is ideal for family walks, including with children. The fact that a large part of the route is shaded makes it perfect for summer strolls.
Please note: the route presented here avoids a section of road suggested by the IGN trail in favor of a wooded and marked trail, marked in red.

5.86 km
+171 m

Stay in the heart of authentic Balagne

Immerse yourself in the traditions and breathtaking landscapes of Balagne. Book your suite now and make our hotel the starting point for your unforgettable adventures!
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