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Bar, Wine Cellar & Tasting at Hotel Casale Olmia

Dive into the heart of Corsican flavors

At Casale Olmia, we've created a space dedicated to connoisseurs of fine taste: our Bar - Wine Cellar - Tasting Room. This is where the richness of the Corsican terroir fully expresses itself. Within our generously stocked cellar, we've passionately and expertly selected a variety of wines that reflect the unique character of our region. But it's more than just a bar; it's a place of exchange, where our knowledgeable team guides you through our range, suggesting the perfect pairings.

This tasting area becomes even more magical when enhanced with our carefully chosen Corsican products. Picture yourself savoring a finely selected glass of wine, accompanied by an assortment of local delicacies, all while conversing and sharing in a warm and convivial atmosphere.

Come and discover this space, where each sip and every bite will bring you closer to the beating heart of Balagne.

Stay in Elegance

Experience the allure of Balagne through our wines and local products. Dive into the heart of Corsican flavors, guided by our expertise. Your culinary journey awaits.
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Hôtel Domaine Casale Olmia

A Casa Campagnola
20214 Moncale, Corsica



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