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The Rivers

The aquatic whispers of Balagne

Discover the serenity of the clear waters of Balagne.

Immerse yourself in the freshness of the crystal-clear rivers near our establishment. Whether you're looking for a gentle refreshment, a soothing swim, or a hike along the glistening banks, these rivers promise an unforgettable experience. From the picturesque Figarella to the wild Fango Valley, designated a UNESCO biosphere reserve, each river offers a unique palette of natural beauty and activities. Embark on an unprecedented aquatic journey and let these pure waters revitalize your spirit.

The Figarella

Small coastal river

Rivière La Figarella

Nestled in the heart of Balagne, the Figarella offers much more than just a river. This small coastal river, meandering gracefully through the landscapes, serves as a refreshing stop for all nature lovers.

As you approach Moncale, you are greeted by the gentle murmur of the river nearby. It gracefully flows under a historic bridge on the road to Moncale, inviting passersby to pause for a moment to contemplate its crystal-clear waters.

But the true treasure of the Figarella lies in the Bonifato Forest, where it unfolds in all its splendor. Surrounded by centuries-old trees and lush vegetation, it forms a natural setting that seems straight out of a fairy tale. The sunlight filtering through the foliage, combined with the gentle lapping of the water, creates an almost magical atmosphere where time seems to stand still.

Whether you are a hiker, a photographer, or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, the Figarella is an invitation to reconnect with nature and savor the peaceful beauty of Balagne.

The Flatta

Source of Life and Adventure

La Flatta

Nestled in the heart of picturesque Calenzana, the Flatta is more than just a spring. For generations, the people of Calenzana have come to draw water from its crystal-clear waters, continuing a ritual that testifies to its unparalleled purity. The road leading to it ends in a welcoming restaurant, where you can savor local dishes while enjoying the soothing murmur of the spring.

For hiking enthusiasts, the Flatta is a hidden treasure. It serves as the starting point for trails that wind through the magnificent slopes of Monte Grosso, the imposing mountain that proudly overlooks Calenzana. The panoramic views along these paths are a true reward for every step taken.

The Flatta, with its blend of history, nature, and gastronomy, promises every visitor an authentic and memorable getaway.

The Fango Valley

A Natural Treasure

La Vallée du Fango

About 45 minutes from the hotel, heading towards Galeria, lies a marvel of Corsican nature: the Fango Valley. This wild sanctuary, with its river meandering between mountains, is an unparalleled escape for those seeking authenticity and tranquility. The clear and refreshing waters of the Fango offer an ideal getaway, whether it's for a riverside picnic, an invigorating swim, or simply lounging on its shaded banks for a restorative nap.

But the valley is not limited to its river. The more adventurous will find delight in exploring hidden canyons, being charmed by the soothing sound of waterfalls, or daring to make bold jumps from 5-meter-high rocks. It's a true playground for nature lovers.

Protected and honored for its unique biodiversity, the Fango Valley was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1977. This international recognition underscores the importance of preserving this natural heritage. Every visitor is encouraged to walk with respect and admiration in this sanctuary of nature, bearing witness to a pristine and wild Corsica.

Corsica in Its Purest Form

Book now and let the magic of the rivers of Balagne envelop you in unparalleled serenity. A natural immersion awaits at every turn.
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